celery salt alternative

10 Best Celery Salt Substitutes Substitute Cooking . One of the best substitutes for celery salt is homemade. All you need is celery seeds and salt.However, if you don’t have celery seeds or you don’t like their strong flavor, you can utilize some other substitute from the following list. See more 10 Best Celery Salt Substitutes Substitute Cooking from What’s A Good Celery Salt Substitute? Your best bet: Celery seed and salt. Celery salt consists of two ingredients: celery powder and salt. Its simplicity... A decent second choice: Celery stalks. Source: What’s a Good Celery Salt Substitute? 1. Celery Seeds 2. Onion Powder 3. Parsley 4. Basil Leaves 5. Dill Weed 6. Truffle Salt 7. Rock Salt 8. Maldon Sea Salt 9. Fleur de sel 10.. Source: A perfect substitute in baking can be celery seeds. Yes, celery seeds are sure to